Per the vid above,
what, $100 million extra, with~out raising taxes further?
And it will guarantee that some 600,000 extra New York City dwellin' folks
can have access to a doctor for preventive or even ER care?
F**k ya!

Tell Thee U.S. Navy that as we are not fightin' China yet in the far western Pacific,
please cancel your order for just 1 of those F~35c's that you bought for $121.2 million(*) every year, ok?

We are now,
instead, going to insure that everyone in New York City
will have access to a doctor, at any~time, no matter how rich or poor you are!!!

Bet~cha that NYC's future health care cost will get even cheaper, just like the cost of those F~35c's.

Ya'all know me, I have an active mind. So I'll ask this, ok?
If we have a Healthy Population, it will ALL become CHEAPER, Cheaper, cheaper
to care for thee local populous, right? Right?

Like how a dude who surfs might drive across thee border of So. Cal. and into Baja California
to ride some waves and then finds out, for some odd reason, that it costs waaay less for the same friggin' medicine, from the same pharm~ie company, to purchase down there in Baja than it does so to buy here in California! WTF?!?

Or will the Doc's start chargin' more,
'cause they can't rip ya/your insurance company off as much,
err, ah, so they will not be makin' as much $$$ to support the wife~y,
(nor pay that monthly alimony) or livin' thee life~style they crave?

Hahaha, tryin' to figure all this out is funny,
but seriously, it is not so, if you are 1 of those 600,00
that New York City Mayor De Blasio is now trying to help...

(*) ~ America's most expensive weapons system just got a little cheaper

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