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It’s good that you are not a neo-fash nativist garbage.

I can’t imagine what you would be saying about immigrants if you were.

You are getting fvcking health coverage for your money.

The fact that everybody is covered is just a bonus.

Illegal immigrants also work dummy. If their employers don’t want to get them covered, somebody should.

No, this is where you don't get it.

I don't get health coverage for my money. I pay for other people's health coverage for my money who haven't gone through the correct process to come here.

You are talking about the theory of socialized medicine, I am talking about the reality of what Newsome said


What's the best financial decision today?

Is it more or less expensive to leave things as they are today? That's all that matters.

CA is losing insurance carriers each new year, not gaining any at all.

How is that going to reduce competition that was one of the supposed perks of O'care?

Surf 'em if you got 'em