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It’s good that you are not a neo-fash nativist garbage.

I can’t imagine what you would be saying about immigrants if you were.

You are getting fvcking health coverage for your money.

The fact that everybody is covered is just a bonus.

Illegal immigrants also work dummy. If their employers don’t want to get them covered, somebody should.

No, this is where you don't get it.

I don't get health coverage for my money. I pay for other people's health coverage for my money who haven't gone through the correct process to come here.

You are talking about the theory of socialized medicine, I am talking about the reality of what Newsome said

you sure obsess about 'your money' a lot of the time for not being a worshipper of the dollar.

If you see a Buddha in the road, ask which gender pronouns they prefer and then kill them.