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Love watching Trumptard heads exploding over California becoming an actual civilized Western Country.

Move to Floriduh and live with your people.

You're insane

Fining people who can't afford insurance while giving "free" insurance to people who aren't even citizens?

I understand you're always down with handouts, but why would you want to make those who are already poor have more costs?

Its not a fvcking hand out. You get health insurance for less money. And everybodys covered so the ERs dont get clogged. And people are not dying.
Hows that bad?

Whos firing people who cant afford insurance wtf are you even talking about.

Giving free insurance to illegal immigrants is absolutely a handout, especially when citizens are fitting the bill AND getting FINED for not having insurance. This isn't EVERYBODY at all, it is a small number of people.

ERs will continue to get clogged regardless. Ever been to an ER? It's not a bunch of illegal immigrant children there, it's the same people that aren't illegal, can't afford insurance, and are being fined because they can't afford to pay insurance.

And bums. Always bums

My entire existence is a failed gotcha