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whats inside a FW Mr J?

I don't know about modern ones Freeride. Early ones were vented, so must have been block cut. There is nothing to be gained from venting fused bead, but absence of vents does not necessarily mean fused bead.

A couple of the early prototypes I borrowed were near bullet proof sandwich, which as mentioned alleviates that problem. I had a quick look at the FW website and didn't notice any claims about fused. They don't say if their Helium/LFT builds are a full sandwich i.e. glass, HD skin, glass. However, the HD skin would give it puncture resistance sandwich qualities. The balsa in the rails look a vulnerability to me.

Anyone got a modern FW and dinged the rail or damaged a box? and did it suck water?

Libtech say they use fused. Modern surftechs are fused and Diverse's gold coast composite builds use fused bead.

XTR is of course XPS so won't have any suckage problems either.