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Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Tracking law breaking immigrants mostly, but others get caught in the melee, too.

Too bad if they hang out with the wrong type of illegals (gangs, drug dealers, human traffic, etc;).

Specifically, they were set up to target criminal enterprises that engaged in cross-border crime.

The complaints coming from inside ICE are that they can't do the job they were tasked to do, because they're chasing around less threatening individuals.

Do you feel safer knowing that?

If it saves the life of one cop, innocent citizen or other illegal immigrant, yes.

I'm sure many busts that were considered "more threatening" produced leads to others potentially as threatening, but maybe not quite as much. So what? lllegal immigrant teens don't all start out "bad" but if sucked into a notorious gang, say MS-13 for instance, they could eventually become ruthless cop killers or threats to their own community.

My community is basically fine (but problems exist not many miles away), but does that make those in their communities feel safe?

LOL. You can ignore anything that doesn't fit your viewpoint, can't you?

The studies are showing that you're safer in a sanctuary area. That's the link I posted. And your response is "well, I don't care because I'd rather save one person who might be killed by an illegal alien"? In other words, you'll trade some crime at the hands of an illegal for more crime, because maybe it won't be at the hands of an illegal?


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