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Nail on the head

Could also be applied to so many other things...recycling...global warming aware Amazon Prime users...etc.

Also shows the sphere of demand for the two products pictured. Schroff wasn't pointing out the supply and demand chain back when he was working for the corporations pumping out their products from Asia to the rest of the world.
In his case I just don't like his tactics when knowing his past work choices didn't gel with the gospel he's now preaching.
My most recent board is a hand shaped 7'4" old school single, triple stringer that was completely built in the factory 2 mins from my house. They were cleaning out stuff and found the dust covered blank with a thick crust on it as it had been in there so long and forgotten. Underneath the crust was a triple stringer blank. Apparently it was a bitch to shape since the blank had gone so hard. Millsy (the shaper) turned it into a beautiful old school board and Jobbo (hey it's and Aussie thing with the nicknames) glassed it with Volan glass. I bought it from their shop which is 8 mins from my house. Picked it up in what used to be the shop van which I have now owned for years. Re-cycle-re-use!
So I like hand shapes, locally made just like the next guy!

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