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Did the boxes just fall out? Don't see any damage around the boxes.

I repaired a local pro's untitled HS that was sold to a grom, and resold to another grom with this problem. The first time I replaced the side box and repaired the other box due to cracks, grom did not want to pay for replacing second box, I warned him. The second grom that got it i had to replace the other box, rear fin was fine for now. So even though it was glued they did not pop out, due to the fiberglass capping it, just cracked all around the box and wobbling around taking in buckets of water. It probably still has water in it even though it drained for days. It's amazing how much water those things soak up from tiny holes. I should post pictures of the quality issues I come across, and not just the Asian stuff.

I hated that board laugh