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OK, I gotta ask, what makes Sanctuary laws against immigration enforcement so much better than not?

I told you previously - having sanctuary laws in place spell out specifically what local jurisdictions can and cannot do, which prevents them from engaging in practices they're not fully equipped to handle, both staff wise and financially.

If a county really wants to work with ICE, you know what the easiest thing to do is? Just make public all of the booking information at their jails. Then ICE can track everyone who comes and goes - Orange County does this. Doesn't require cops acting as ICE agents, doesn't put them at risk of lawsuits, doesn't cost them anything extra.

ICE has the ability to do this job. In fact, ICE has been scooping up illegals in big numbers in CA lately. They should keep doing just what they're doing. If they want local help with someone, they should get a warrant and all will be good.

Reference: https://www.latimes.com/politics/essenti...-htmlstory.html

Also note the little link in the above article that discusses the fact that sanctuary cities tend to have lower crime rates than non-sanctuary cities, but that's probably not important, hey?

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