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You had implied earlier that local police can't and shouldn't be allowed to inquire on immigration status. That case directly countered that claim.

Sanctuary laws prohibit it even further, major criminal or minor criminal activity.

Do a crime, you do the time, if you're a legal resident at least.

I suggested they shouldn't do it, because it's not their job.

I suggested they shouldn't do it, because there are costs associated with it that local jurisdictions aren't ready to handle.

I suggested they shouldn't do it, because they're not trained to do it.

I suggested they shouldn't do it to people that aren't a threat.

I never suggested they're not allowed to do it in cases of more dangerous criminals or gang members. You did (incorrectly).

You keep talking in circles, and don't appear to understand what is actually allowed under current CA sanctuary laws. If you did, you wouldn't have posted links to a case that dealt with a known violent gang member who was a legal citizen as your big gotcha here.

You have simplistic ideas of how this all works. And like everything else that has to do with this topic, you're operating off of feelz instead of facts.

Bock you