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Yeah, pretty good interview. Interesting to hear how he went from outline to tails to channels and now focused on noses. In terms of aesthetics, I agree with what he said about the Hydronaut; it really is a beautiful board. Also, pretty cool to hear him talk about revisiting old boards, and mentioning the Vader in particular which is still his all-time best board, I think.

Bassy ain't as good as David Lee Scales when it comes to interviewing, but I think that's a personality thing. David is a more gracious host and a more thoughtful listener; he really lets the people he's interviewing do the talking. Bassy usually wants to get them talking about Jesus or something, and that gets oooooooold fast!

He seemed to rave a bit more about the Evo. Said he's been surfing it a lot in junk waves in Oz. Said it's like cheating.

Re: Bass vs Scales. I whole heartedly disagree. Been listening to these for years and Scales goes for a more NPR style and a diplomatic approach. It's tedious and stale. Is guilty of hushing and admonishing Bass whenever things are just about to get interesting. He seems much more scared of pissing off the industry. That's NOT what we want! Too many people suckling on the industry teats to say whats really going on or what they actually think about something. Bass has been podcasting for a really long time. I like his loose and fast approach. When he does his homework, he's far superior. Bass is the strider to Scales Turdpel.
If I want NPR, there are a ton of others doing that better.

Fair enough, but I totally disagree with your description of their styles! I think Bass panders MUCH more to the people he's interviewing. He's the one who is sucking titty. Scales is a much more intelligent interviewer because his questions open up the guests. Then, depending on the guest, it gets really interesting. I've been listening to the podcasts for a few years too. At first, Scales was way to verbose and tried to explain everything, but now he's much smoother. Whereas Bass is just saying what is in his head, then backtracks when he realises he just said something dumb. Both good though. Both compliment each other well when they're together because they're so different.

I'm saying Bass is Kaipo to Scales' Ronnie Blakey.

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I like Bassys approach. Havent really click with DLS but Ill start giving that podcast a listen.
Has anyone seen Bassy surf? I heard he rips.

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