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No it’s not. You also aren’t subject to ice as a result of local cooperation.

You have heard of this case, right?



California (and cities) Sanctuary laws prevent this from even happening.

The case involved a wanted gang member. CA sanctuary laws specifically carve out gang members and allow local cooperation with ICE. And they had a warrant.

You literally have no clue about this stuff.

BTW, did you read the portion of that case where they acknowledged Mena was, in fact, a legal resident? So for all your crying, you just gave me a case that didn't even involve an illegal alien. Lulz.


But let’s try again. Questions about status are just the start. I asked you several times what comes next. So tell me, what comes next, but not when the person is a wanted gang member - because CA laws allow cooperation there already - but an elderly woman who allegedly stole a can of soup from the store?

Once again, ID.

If it's legit, even a expired green card, no problems. Without it, then a notification goes out, if there's indications of non-legal status, that's all it takes (no valid ID, no english). Local police just hold them until INS arrives. INS will sort it out.

Sanctuary laws prevent this.

Everyone of age has some kind of ID on them, even if it's another countries.

I've gotta ask - what point did you think you were proving by citing that lawsuit?

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