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No it’s not. You also aren’t subject to ice as a result of local cooperation.

You have heard of this case, right?



California (and cities) Sanctuary laws prevent this from even happening.

The case involved a wanted gang member. CA sanctuary laws specifically carve out gang members and allow local cooperation with ICE. And they had a warrant.

You literally have no clue about this stuff.

BTW, did you read the portion of that case where they acknowledged Mena was, in fact, a legal resident? So for all your crying, you just gave me a case that didn't even involve an illegal alien. Lulz.


But let’s try again. Questions about status are just the start. I asked you several times what comes next. So tell me, what comes next, but not when the person is a wanted gang member - because CA laws allow cooperation there already - but an elderly woman who allegedly stole a can of soup from the store?

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