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OK, there's technicalities for police to do ANYTHING to help the Feds when it comes to immigration, if you want to get all criminal defense lawyery about it (made even more difficult with sanctuary laws). I'll admit part of your argument.

Doesn't seem to matter if a LEGAL citizen breaks a federal law, police hand them over no problem all the time. Illegal immigration is a federal law, why the prejudice against it, specifically? I guess I could demand the same rights if I broke a federal law then, if in local police custody, right?

If it doesn't seem to matter in states without Sanctuary laws, why do some cities and blue states feel the need to have them, if it doesn't really make any difference, legally?

They are basically shutting out or at least handcuffing a federal jurisdiction, using states rights as an argument for it.

If a legal citizen breaks a federal law that citizen is handed to the feds? Ok, lets go with that... cops arest a guy for bank robbery. If hes a citizen he is handed to the FBI. Are you suggesting that if an illegal alien is caught robbing a bank he is set free?

What youre doing here is comparing two different issues and pretending theyre the same.

With regard to alerting ICE to possible illegals, the law applies to everyone, not just non-citizens. So where is the difference in treatment? Same goes for bank robbery- illegals get the same treatment as citizens.

See how that works?

ID cards mean something in the USA. Don't jump the border fence without it.

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