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Actually that’s what ICE should be doing. That requires no help from local jurisdictions. Of course they’ll still need a warrant to search but we fans of the constitution like that, yes?

Local jurisdictions don't and can't enforce immigration laws. But a simple notification when a criminal illegal is suspected, is all that needs to be done. Call in ICE, BCP or INS, and let them sort it out.

But NO, that's now not possible in sanctuary cities and states. It's too judgemental on the criminal illegal to suspect he is one.
Aren't you comfortably retired? Why waste your time and energy wetting the bed with this stuff?

No, still a few more years from retiring. In fact I just officially became a full time business. My boss is retiring, and I'm taking over a large portion of it as a new entity. So, now I pay even more taxes and such, but hopefully also make a bit more when it all washes out.

Giving illegal immigrants criminals more rights than legal citizens is a travesty to our justice system, and that's what's fucked up.

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