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“Surfdog and the gotcha that wasn’t really there” is the name of my new children’s book.

It was a gotcha for the kid trying to shout "asylum" after evading multiple attempts to claim it once he hopped the fence. Only when he got caught did he decide to scream the magic word.

This is a mindset of more than a few of the "refugees" and supposed "asylum seekers". It's the new golden ticket without having to immigrate legally. That needs to change.

Who would he try to claim asylum to before the agents got him? The bushes?

There were BP agents driving all around him in ATV's just after he hit the ground over the fence.

Why didn't he just walk proudly towards one of them, hands up and turn himself in right away? He was hiding in the bushes for at least 40 minutes and sneaking further into the USA, thinking he had a chance to get past all the roving agents, until a helicopter spotted him with infrared, most likely.

He could've turned himself over to BP within the first 5 minutes of hitting the ground, but didn't.

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