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Hmmmm, "Plant Based News"

I'm seeing the political bias against LCHF I mentioned earlier.

BTW, what's your BF%? If you're so anti LCHF show your own numbers on how the way you eat is superior

I don't know what my body fat % is, if that's what you mean by bf%. I work out a few times a week to maintain overall fitness, eat right, and don't obsess over weight. I'm not vegan and don't eat keto, so it's kind of difficult to say I'm biased in favor of a vegan diet. Yes, I'm anti keto, but definitely not anti low-carb.

I never said the way I eat is superior, just that keto is unsustainable and probably unhealthy (according to published scientific research).

Very few, if any, people eat Keto all the time.

As you say, its unsustainable.

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