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I enjoyed the conversation, except when they would talk over one another.

But there was a big missed opportunity on Scotts part here when you compare this episode to the general theme of past episodes - US board builders vs. imported boards.

I wish Scott would have asked Tomo what he thought about Dennis Jarvis' campaign to put a tariff on imported boards or what Dan thought about the protectionist attitude of Built in the US or Australia and if that was ever a consideration when signing with Firewire. Would have been interesting to hear his perspective.
I felt the same way. I actually was listening and almost anticipating Bassy asking the question... but it never happened. I even messaged Scott and told him that I was surprised he didnt ask Tomo about that. Scott said "maybe I should have; but sorta feel like that topic has been excavated thoroughly." I felt the same and I felt like the overall theme of the interview was about Tomos success and focused on positive things, so asking Tomo about imports and tariffs probably wouldnt have contributed anything positive to the interview. I think that topic generates a lot of negative energy and draws a line in surfing that really isnt productive to anyone in the big scheme of things. Its a difficult situation and tarriffs dont seem to be the proper avenue for positive or even effective change. But i agree it would have been interesting to hear his perspective. Maybe a part 2 with Bassy???

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Haven't listened yet. Still scratching my through the splendor podcast with Hynd.

Dang, you should have posted this in my thread:


I wish tomo made more pointy nose shortboards. I just still can't get over the chopped nose.

Dude. SKX is an epic pointy nosed shortboard.
You should try the Hydroshort Squash! facelick Its very similar to an SKX but has a rounded nose.

I know!

I saw someone say the two were quite similar over on the Japanese XTR website you posted elsewhere.

That Japanese site is way better than their US site. Way more detailed info.

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