A few days ago, post holiday, I hit 205. Decided to do something to pull a few extra lbs off. So I stopped bread, sugar, beer fruit juices and processed food. Still having a vodka martini or a neat glass of whiskey in the evenings. Pretty simple. I used to do this years back to drop weight, but I figured age was not going to help things. Down 5 pounds in as many days now. Oh, I suppose I am also doing the intermittent fasting thing. But that's kind of normal for me. For decades. No breakfast because I'm not hungry, skip lunch because I'm busy and maybe start eating around 2 pm or so. Anyway, it still works. I'm guessing the lowest I could go with current muscle mass is about 185. We will see. I seem to do my best surfing just shy of 190.

This of course means I will NOT be dominating the Tour de France this year, so in advance I'd like to apologize to my fans. wink