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Well Deforest , in response to this

Pretty rad how Tomo is focusing on surfboard nose refinement. It's kind of abstract idea. I dont know of any other shaper who has committed to refining such a specific part of a surfboard, like a nose?

Whats more effective in board performance , Nose design or Fin Design ?

I really like what Daniel is doing , lets get that correct . wave2

But I can make others boards work better with fin design . And have for a Very long time .

Nose design can't upgrade anyone else's board .

Several of us in the early 80's designed our nose with their rockers for certain effects .

No podcast back then - thats why this is all new to you bricks
I partially agree with what you're saying. But when a nose is pointy and catches or penetrates the water and causes the rider to fall, cutting off the nose or rounding off the nose will "techincally" improve the design. Maybe not as much of an impact as fins, but it does give the board an improvement. I remember riding the IF15 from T patterson and wishing the nose was rounded off because there were times when the nose would catch, or i would be taking off late and was fearful the nose would poke me. But I'll agree that fins effect board performance.

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