Just sharing some information!! New podcast is out. computer

Pretty rad how Tomo is focusing on surfboard nose refinement. It's kind of abstract idea. I dont know of any other shaper who has committed to refining such a specific part of a surfboard, like a nose? Cant wait to see the new designs.

He also talks about bringing back the old dual fin raptor boards with new upgrades and more "user friendly" designs, which sounds epic.

Definitely a good listen!

Also,, I think Bassy is doing a great job with his interviews so i decided to donate to the podcast this time. $5.00 is pre-set on the donate page (in case anyone is interested). I wanted to donate more but I couldn't change the amount. I think his podcasts are worth a $5.00 drop in the bucket!

Here is the link to have a listen.

Instagram: @deforestcooper