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I was lifting at the time. Writing down every set for weights and reps. The lifts all went up. And this is after being on a plateau for a long time. So no loss in muscle mass.

The weight stayed off for about six months. So, NOT water. I eventually wanted to kill somebody for a piece of bread and glass of beer so it all came to a tragic end.

I havent eaten any kind of bread in about a year and havent had beer (any alcohol) in over 10 years.

It isnt that hard.

Well we all have our vices. Or maybe that's just me? Bummer.

I just swore off bread/beer a week ago and so far, a bottle of cold beer still holds a certain allure, a certain prurient appeal as it were. Water drops sprinkled randomly upon the smooth glass of a Belgian triple, the sound of... no, the sigh of desire when the bottle is opened, the aroma of...

Oh look at that...

It is SO that hard.


My vice is pussy.

Bonus points for vise-like pussy.

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