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I am saying yes, let’s allow that. How does it work? What proof works and who can they ask? What if the cop isn’t sure? What are the steps here?

E-verify built into new ID cards should have that info, IMO.

If they don't have the latest ID cards by 2020, and other indications that are suspect of citizenship, or at least visas, then they should be able to identify it pretty quickly without a lot of interrogation.

With tech we have today, a database should be able to identify pretty quickly for most all. Yes, it's kinda 1984ish, but if we want verification of legality in the USA, something like this will be needed.

But some will say there's people that don't have or need ID cards, like voter registration. That's going to have to go by the wayside if we want to verify legality of immigrants. shrug

OK, now we're talking.

So E-Verify, which is an employment tool, correct? What about people who don't work? Minors? Students? People who work under the table? They won't have an e-verified ID - so what happens when cops come across those people? Remember, they could be illegal, or they could have a visa or they could be citizens - what do you do with them?

But what you're suggesting sounds sorta like a mandatory national ID. That we all must carry at all times? Who runs that program? Who manages the databases and what info goes in there? Do all federal and state governments get access to that database? Is it all coordinated?

Remember just a few weeks ago there was a thread debating the merits of CA's new 2-tier drivers license? One that works as a simple driver's license and one that lets you fly etc. because it's backed up by a passport or some other form of verified ID? Remember how most of us said "no way I'm getting that more intrusive one - I don't want the government knowing all about me?

But all that aside, the discussion is on California's evil sanctuary laws. You want cops to be able to report illegals to ICE, and I asked how that would currently work. You gave me a "what I'd like to see one day...". What about today? How would it work today? How do local cops confirm legal status of a person they come across today?

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