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I'll believe what ifall and Duffy are saying when it becomes the norm for elite athletes to train this way. For now, I'm writing this low carb thing off as a fitness trend.

All of the pro athletes I know limit their carbs to a number that would be considered severely limiting them by SAD standards. This is year-round

The days of carb-loading before competition are over, but then again, I don't hang out with cyclists. However, when I was swimming a lot the people I trained with who did triathlons ever didn't eat a lot of carbs on a daily basis.

Anecdotes are not the same as science. Beware sample size.

Aren't elite athletes by definition a small enough sample size for all evidence involving them to be anecdotal?

You don't have to be an elite athlete to run/swim/ride long distances.

All of which you're fvcked if you don't consume carbs.

You have to know your feeding and hydrating strategy. Eating keto ain't it.

If I go on a ride that's longer than 2 hours, I know I need to bring a gel or two or risk being stranded in the middle of nowhere in a hypoglycemic state.

If you ever experienced it, you never do that mistake again.