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I'll believe what ifall and Duffy are saying when it becomes the norm for elite athletes to train this way. For now, I'm writing this low carb thing off as a fitness trend.

All of the pro athletes I know limit their carbs to a number that would be considered severely limiting them by SAD standards. This is year-round

The days of carb-loading before competition are over, but then again, I don't hang out with cyclists. However, when I was swimming a lot the people I trained with who did triathlons ever didn't eat a lot of carbs on a daily basis.

Anecdotes are not the same as science. Beware sample size.

Aren't elite athletes by definition a small enough sample size for all evidence involving them to be anecdotal?


I couldn't imagine cycling a mountain phase without eating carbs during.

I enjoy morning fasted workouts. Not for any particular reason than my head just seems clear and I'm ready to go. Always eat carbs afterwards. Usually one cup of oatmeal, then it's a protein heavy day with most of my carbs at dinner, especially on days where I feel physical fatigue.

If you're an active adult you're not getting enough protein anyway. As you age your body is less adept at protein synthesis. Limiting complete proteins intake is not good for the aging phenotype and there's generally no way for men over 40 to get enough from food. The body is really good at taking what you give it and making things work....but why make things tough on yourself. You're going to pay for it later. Whey protein is a cheap and easy supplement.

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The deference given to veterans is insane. They signed up, did their job and got paid for it. Fine.