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I'll believe what ifall and Duffy are saying when it becomes the norm for elite athletes to train this way. For now, I'm writing this low carb thing off as a fitness trend.

Again, I think you are not understanding the separation between nutrition and fueling.

It is rapidly becaoming the norm for elite athletes to follow a low carb nutrition plan.

And as I have stated here already a few times, during training and competition output they are fueling with carbs (but the carb intake needs are less for the athletes who follow a low carb nutrition plan).

I think once you actually understand what Im saying (and what the science is saying) youll come around.

For the record, a strict keto diet isnt really something thats sustainable long term and very few people (nobody really) follows strict keto all the time.

Personally Ive never done any kind of diet. I just dont eat very many carbs and since I got more consistent about it Ive gone from 205lbs. (14 months ago) to 180 today (and Ive been at 180 for that last 4 months).

That aint water weight.

When I cut for fights I cut down to 169 and thats all water.

I rarely train for over 2 hours these days so fueling during runs/bikes, etc. isnt necessary, in part because I eat a low carb diet. When I ate a high carb diet I couldnt run for more than an hour without needing fuel. Now its two hours.

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