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So when they're training they're not consuming carbs? Only when racing? roflmao

If they are consuming carbs while training (they are) and during race, how is that a low carb diet? They train/race year round. foreheadslap

Here you go, cauliflower ears:

To fuel the journey riders need to consume an average of 5,000-plus calories per stage. Maintaining such a huge energy intake is challenging, says Corinne Mder, senior sports nutritionist at PowerBar, official sports nutrition partners of the Tour de France for over a decade.

Read more at https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/racin...lowTSgtjPuCh.99

I'll hypothesize that, at some point, you run up against biophysics. There are limits to everything. The speed at which your body metabolizes fat is likely not fast enough to keep up with cellular ATP demand. If your cells can't produce metabolites to fuel oxidative phosphorylation, you'll likely: gas out or experience failure, start tapping into glycogen stores, start breaking down muscle tissue, or probably a dozen other possibilities I haven't thought of.

Long story short, elite athletes need carbs.

Dont forget there are also limitations to the amount of carbs one can process in a certain amount of time, around 150-200 calories per hour, but you can burn up to 1,000 and hour (not 2,333 like turdfacial claims).

So its a losing proposition.

If you eat a carb restricted diet during your training cycle your body will be better at going to your fat for fuel. Being that you can only process 200 calories of surgar per hour and burn 1,000 you can make up some of the deficit by more effectively burning fat.

Fecalfucker keeps arguaing an either/or scenario that nobody is even talking about.

Yes, endurance athletes need carbs. Duh. But some of us do better and have a lower dependence on carb fueling during TRAINING and racing (see that fuckface? Training....) when we eat our meals with a severe restriction of carbs.

What fecal doesnt understand (because he has no fooking clue what hes talking about) is there are two separate yet related issues at play.

1. Nutrition (thats eating your meals).

2. Fueling (thats what is consumed during training (runs, bikes, swims) and racing.

Fueling is, for the most part, all carbs (some of us add some protein or amino acids for the long stuff).

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