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Same question- how do you know with any sort of legal authority who is legal? Will you have the local authorities investigate everyone they bring in? Will you require proof if legal residency and hold them without bail/possibility of release until they come up with it? Is that legal? What if ICE isnt able to get them for a while. Scrap the constitution and just hold them indefinitely anyway?

Btw, CA law specifically allows cooperation for more violent/serious criminals, including gang members. So what youre suggesting is that police spend time on nonviolent criminals and those in for misdemeanors. So Ill ask again- is that where you want your officers time going? Why not let ICe just hire more people to track who is coming and going from jail?

If they allowed at least ONE ICE agent to have a small office in each cities or even county jail houses? Or even a simple call in to them, each time a illegal immigrant criminal was brought in (no ID, no green card, no english, etc;)?

But they're not allowed to do so, even IF they had the manpower.

Local police are on the streets and deal with EVERYONE, citizen or not. If ICE DID get the manpower and were on site at every police station screening each arrival, people like you would be screaming "Gestapo police state!!" (like they did in Portland).

You and most libby-progs would be off the rails if Feds actually ENFORCED existing illegal immigration laws that have been in place for decades.

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