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This new SB 54 law is making an already bad situation, much worse.

It basically handcuffs ICE when illegals are taken custody in local police jails.

They can't and will not inform ICE of incarcerated illegal alien criminals, which they should have every right to do so, especially if dangerous or multi-felonious.

Police don't have to process these illegal alien criminals as immigrants, but they do process them as lawbreakers, and jail them as such. So, they should be able to at least notify ICE or other immigration enforcement that they have them. ID checks should verify this.

What's so hard and complicated about that?

Sounds like Stu is a criminal defense type and has no problem with police releasing illegal immigrant criminals due to a loop-hole in CA state laws.

If a legal citizen broke federal laws, and local police picked up and jailed them, do you think they DON'T contact the FBI or other federal enforcer to come and get them?

If illegal immigration is a federal agency issue, so are people breaking federal laws (bank robbery, etc;). They should get the same treatment, especially if multi-deported illegal criminal.

Start with the very basics- how do local authorities confirm whether or not a person they stop is a citizen? Do they ask everyone for proof of citizenship? Just brown people? If they think theyre illegal but dont know how they got here (snuck in or iverststayed a visa), what do they do (recall the latter is just a civil infraction and not a crime)? Do they haul everyone without proof of citizenship into jail? How does this work?

Related, no, Im fine with deportation but its the feds job and they should do it. In fact, ICE has been upping deportations for years now - you may even have been the one to point that out previously. Imagine your outrage if OPD couldnt respond to violent crime calls because they were bust processing paperwork on non-violent illegal immigrants. Is that your preference?

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