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Please point to the part which prohibits local agencies from talking to Feds.

Thank you.

PS - here's what that bill is, and isn't (spoiler alert - it's not a prohibition on cooperation between the state and feds):


Did you read it at all? From your link

Here are some other things that law enforcement in California can’t do under the new law:

Ask someone about their immigration status or detain them solely because of their status.
Hold someone in jail past their release date at ICE’s request.
Assist in arrests based on civil immigration warrants.
Provide release dates or other information about a detainee unless that information is available to the public or the individual has a criminal conviction for one of the excepted crimes or has a qualifying criminal charge and has had a probable cause finding as to that charge.
Provide office space for federal immigration authorities to use in local jail facilities.
Cooperate with ICE in cases where an individual has been arrested, detained, or convicted for an offense that is a misdemeanor but was a felony prior to the passage of Prop. 47, which reduced penalties for some crimes in California.