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Surprised some of you are so outraged by this. You’ve already admitted the loss of life is a sacrifice you’re all willing to take for the 2A.

The 2nd Amendment saves hundreds of lives every year. More importantly, it saves the lives of innocent intended victims.

While I don't disagree with your theory, there's no way to prove how many lives guns saved unless you can see into alternate futures. socrazy

I think the spirit of the sanctuary city is to prevent local LEO from doing the Fed's job. It's an unfair burden on border towns. Also if cops round up people for illegal immigration, they'll be less likely to report more serious crimes (rape, armed robberies, assault). That said, if someone is caught comitting serious crimes and they qualify for deportation, go for it.

Thing is, criminals involved with gangs and running drugs likely have a better network of safe houses and hookups than the average migrant looking to send money back home. The majority that get rounded up probably aren't the "bad hombres".