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The key is skip breakfast...(intermittent fasting).

Disagree, and disagree about the meal skipping in general.


There is lots of scientific research suggesting you're fvcking with your body's ability to control glucose and many suggestions you're increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes long term. And the correlations are interesting as well.

Was going to link to the actual research but the first thing I got when I googled was this:
which is a pretty good summary with recent research.

Aside from that the body needs calories and nutrition to function. It's common sense.

Your body will tell you this when you compare any sort of AM exercise a few hours after eating a small meal vs eating nothing.

I have 10 years of my own personal documented data on exercise output (cycling power (watts), running (pace/anaerobic threshold) and swimming (distance/time) that clearly shows (in my own personal experience) that my performance is best in a fasted state at about 2 hours after waking up.

No breakfast = significantly better performance (in my case).

So if you eat nothing and than burn 7000 calories in 3 hours, makes for better performance?

7000 calories? In 3 hours?


But to answer your question (at least the time aspect of it) I find that I dont need to consume anything (water or sugar) for any workout up to two hours. After that Ill need at least some kind of sport drink or maybe a GU.

This is the case whether I start my workout in a fasted state or not.

Performance is still better if I start fasted.

I completed an ironman without eating anything on race day until 2 1/2 hour into the race.

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