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The key is skip breakfast...(intermittent fasting).

Disagree, and disagree about the meal skipping in general.


There is lots of scientific research suggesting you're fvcking with your body's ability to control glucose and many suggestions you're increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes long term. And the correlations are interesting as well.

Was going to link to the actual research but the first thing I got when I googled was this:
which is a pretty good summary with recent research.

Aside from that the body needs calories and nutrition to function. It's common sense.

Your body will tell you this when you compare any sort of AM exercise a few hours after eating a small meal vs eating nothing.

I do way way way way way better exercising with an empty stomach compared to eating before. I may feel hungry at some point, but there is no change in my endurance or energy level at any point

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