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Weight loss or gain isn't actually calories in vs. calories out. It's more accurately calories absorbed vs. calories burned. In other words, (a) the human digestive system doesn't run at optimal efficiency, and probably varies in its absorbtion abilities between individuals; and (b) certain types of energy-spiking foods probably lead to increased burn rates through mechanisms like NEAT and changed sleep patterns.

Good post, and I think there is a lot of truth to it and that its not just CICO that matters. Carbs are probably more efficiently absorbed and stored as fat when in excess. There is also probably an optimal macronutrient ratio that allows for maximum gain and retention of muscle mass when gaining or losing weight.

Then I added white rice back into the equation and cut the fat, to a 2600-3000 calorie, 30/30/40ish diet. I gained ten pounds more or less immediately with no other changes

I trust your tracking, but are you sure that some of this wasnt water weight? And/Or that you didnt gain muscle? Did your waist circumference go up? Adding back carbs will almost certainly spike water weight if youve been keto for a while.
Either way, its important to look at changes in body composition as a whole (%body fat, waist circumference) as opposed to just weight alone, which is something that most dont realize when they are trying to lose weight.

I definitely gained muscle, and my waist circumference went up. I doubt it was solely a spike in water weight - it's been about a year since I quit the keto diet and I've kept the weight on. It may have been an initial spike in water weight followed by a decrease in the water weight plus an increase in lean body mass - but when I say "immediately" I mean over a 3-6 week period, so it could have been real mass the whole time.

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