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We can keep legal firearms from becoming illegal firearms by doing things like...

-putting a stop to straw purchases
-making people responsible for securing their weapons properly
-putting a stop to gun show sales and having much stricter requirements for person to person sales.

Are you not aware that all of is already addressed in the law?

Straw purchases are illegal.

Improper storage that results in a crime being committed with your gun is also a crime for gun owner who improperly stored his or her gun.

Person to person sales must go through a licensed firearms dealer.

Federally I believe you are correct on the first point. There is a federal law against straw firearm purchases. I'm not so sure there is a federal law about unsafe firearm storage, but I think states everywhere outlaw it. I believe you're not correct on the third point, at least not federally, and not in most states. However, think about it. There is no way to control a firearm transaction between two private citizens. You wouldn't want to either, because that kind of government overreach is autocratic.

Many firearms get inherited upon death. You gonna make that illegal too?

The subject at hand is the murder of this peace officer. There's a law against this murderer possessing a firearm. He's a criminal alien. What good did a law do against someone who was already a criminal?

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