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Oddly enough nobody is concerned why undocumented immigrants have easy access to firearms.

Do you honestly think that would change with even stricter gun laws?

Only way is to make all gun and ammo ownership completely illegal with huge fines and prison sentences for even SEEING one in possession (other than police and military). No other option would come close to preventing illegal immigrants and/or criminals from carrying. Even THAT strict a policy wouldn't deter it completely. Their would be hoards of stashes all over, without Orwellian watch on every one at every move, 24/7/365.

A liberal progressives Utopian dream come true.

Problem with that dream, is guns and ammo would replace drugs and human traffiking across the Mexican border. So, once again, only criminals would only have weapons.

Not if we build the WALL! Maybe that's the negotiation we need to have - trade guns for the wall. I'd entertain that discussion.

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