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I can't help but wonder how long it will take the left wing media machine to carry out a seek and destroy mission against this sheriff. Right now they are probably more interested in destroying this sheriff than seeing justice for this murderer. Fuk them too.

I heard a hint that this Sheriff is retiring soon, so the left in CA and Sacmo can't do much to ouster him anymore than he already is out the door himself. I'm sure he's been disgusted with Sanctuary City/State laws for a while now (along with a lot of hushed up cops), and this just ices the cake, AGAIN.

What's even worse are the 6 or 7 other illegal immigrants that helped hide this cop killer and tried to get him back to Mexico.

This is not the first cop (or citizen) to die from multi-deported illegal alien criminals, and it won't be the last as long as Sanctuary laws remain intact, if not more tolerated. They end up with more criminal rights than most citizens. Kinda like Diplomatic Immunity for illegal alien thugs crazy2

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