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Oh, another problem I have with keto is that much of the weight loss is water weight, since you lose a significant amount of water during glycogenolysis.

Early weight loss is water weight. But people aren't losing 50-100 lbs of water.

Right, but they're also eating fewer calories, being more attentive to their eating habits, and working out. You can't have all these concomitant variables and then attribute the effect to just one of the variables.

Also, this from the Science journal review:
Moreover, many other aspects of the American diet changed in the past 40 years, including increased portion sizes, greater consumption of foods away from home, and more extreme food processing. At the same time, labor- saving technology and the digital age have led to declines in occupational and recreational physical activity, and budget shortfalls in schools have led to curtailments in physical education classes, recess time, and after-school recreation opportunities.

You can't just list all these variables and then say America is fat because of its high carb diet. He also ignored genetics and microbiome.

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