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Follow-up: I will read some of Volek's papers, but my initial reaction is that his sample sizes are a little concerning. So far, the papers I've read have samples of ~20 and consist of elite athletes.

Arent we talking about performance in endurance races here?

No, we're talking about how the keto diet is dumb and how it's just the new iteration of the paleo craze, it's just a trend, and it will fade into the white noise just like all the others.

One thing that much of the research ignores (Dr. Jeff Volek completely ignored this concept in one of his review papers) is that, while many health problems can be associated with excess carbohydrate consumption, we also live way longer than our ancestors did. It's reasonable to conclude that our food had something to do with our increased lifespan.

Oh. Ok.

Yeah, any diet with a name is dumb.

Thats how I judge them and its served me well so far.

All Im saying is that when I eat a high carb diet I get hungry quicker (and more severely) and end up eating more.

When I eat low carb I have just as much energy, no loss in performance and I eat less and therefore maintain a lighter weight (which actually helps performance in surfing and other stuff).

Even die hard keto kreeps who do endurance races will carb up in the days leading up to a race and during the race itself. Its the training cycle that gets the keto treatment.


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