I convinced myself to try Keto after going down a YouTube wormhole. Lasted two months - fully went through the adaptation period, I was strict. If you arenít, it isnít Keto, and if you do it for less than a month, it isnít Keto either - itís just suffering as your body doesnít adapt that fast.

I saw Voleks name come up. Another good one is Dom díagostino. Heís got like 3-4 joe organ podcasts packed with info.

Iím a slim guy, and wasnít even trying to lose weight. I was just eating what I considered maintenance. Turns out I regularly eat at a deficit because the pounds dropped. I lost about 20 pounds and weighed the same as I did in high school. And I could see five of my abs - Iíve literally never been able to see more than 3 in my entire life, even when I was like 10. This is without doing crazy ab exercises, just by reducing that layer of fat.

Yea, Iím a believer for purposes of fat reduction of if you just want to shock your system and try something new. Iím really not sure how much of it is legit for long term and I think there are a lot of things people have to be careful of and should do blood work to prevent missing, which I did not.

I was messing with intermittent fasting the whole time as well because it compliments Keto. I started doing longer fasts (just like 1-2 days) and my brain and body were like ďfvvvck thisĒ and had like a mini freak out. I came off the diet and still have a distaste for empty carbs. I used to eat massive bowls of pasta but now the sight and smell of bread is repulsive. Itís literally fvcking cardboard and I canít believe people eat it.

It was good to get a reality check about just how many carbs we eat, and how happy that makes the precancerous cells in our bodies and has increased the nations waist line ever since fat was villanized in the 80ís(?).

This is a good read https://robbwolf.com/2015/09/24/the-origin-and-future-of-the-ketogenic-diet-part-1/

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Its pretty much like isis in the lineup. We have to protect the homeland

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I have a full blown gym routine now
talk about f'in lame." - WarrenC