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Does DC look like this yet?

No it doesn't because all the essential government services are not shut down.

Derp state clerks are still working for you, they're just not getting paid.


At least you realize that the "shutdown" is non-essential services. In fact, its only 25% of the discretionary budget. The only way they're "working for us" is showing that they don't need to be doing so and we wouldn't miss them if they went away

While I suppose it's non-essential to hike Mt. Wilson from Chantry Flats, it is BS that it is closed as result of government shutdown. Just gonna crowd the Sierra Madre trail that much more with unleashed dogs, Bluetooth speakers, and other kooky behavior. bawling

And one of your quintessential Sovereign Citizen libertarians is also responsible for the Holy Fire, closing down Holy Jim Canyon, Saddleback, and a whole shitload of other nearby places. Sucky for the relatively normal people living there along with the others who enjoy the area.


What's going to stop you? Are they spending money on patrols to make sure the area remains "shut down" or "closed?"

The guy who started it was an insane arsonist, whether or not he was a "sovereign citizen" has nothing to do with it. In fact, if the Holy Jim area didn't have meddling of the federal government involved, they would have been just fine to rebuild


The most recent map, created in 2014, was done so at the behest of cabin owners. But they were unhappy with the result federal officials enlarged the flood plain to encompass all of Holy Jim.

And under federal law, any structure in a flood plain that gets destroyed cant be rebuilt.

Federal protection is great to curb encroachment by private citizens and companies, however, its a joke to think they can stop people from accessing it simply because idiots in DC are having a tantrum.

All your true sovereign citizens may not be arsonists but they are batshit crazy - the mentality is a symptom of mental illness. I'll give you the caveat that in suburbia, it's more of a fashion statement for posers on the way to the mall like a designer purse or pickup truck because they don't really live it but those people in the backwoods living that lifestyle, they're absolutely nuts and more than a little scary. crazy2

In regards to Chantry Flats, I suppose you could hop the gate but parking is very limited on the way up the canyon. A lot of people use that area; lot is usually packed early. People in Sierra Madre will be pissed as their neighborhood will be the overflow. A lot of people visit National Parks and Monuments - the closures definitely suck in this regard.

I can only hope they open it back up again soon. For me, though, my original intention is to hike it from SM, with a masochistic side-trip up Jones Peak on the way. Adds a couple extra thousand feet of elevation. But one of few training hikes I can do in winter without crampons or microspikes. Most the other shit I want to do has to wait until May or so once snow has melted. drowning

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