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Cutting complete food groups out of your diet is silly. Not all carbs are bad.

Everything in moderation.

Plus if you're into any kind of activity that remotely requires endurance, you're fuct without carbs.

Intermitent fasting, sure.

This is wrong. Its not instant but once someone is fat adapted they have just as much endurance as anyone else



You can pretend that your body adopted using fat as fuel but there's no going around the fact that there's nothing that body can do to turn fat or protein into energy when needed quickly, as fast as carbs.

If you are into any kind of endurance activity, you will be burning way more calories than the body can retain from consuming fat or protein prior to excercise. Plus you will feel like shit because body has to work hard to digest it.

Another one of your science denying opinions that you learned from Joe Rogan.

Holy shit how long are you going to deny it?

Becoming fat-adapted doesn't happen overnight. And you're willfully denying the evidence of people, in articles I've posted and writing on this message board that people who are fat-adapted feel like shit WHEN using carbs as fuel. My body feels like its working much harder to digest anything when I'm eating lots of carbs

My entire existence is a failed gotcha