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you kind lose interest in eating when you're deep in to it AND eating
carbs makes you feel like such a pile of shit that the emergent sense
of disgust reinforces your adherence to the keto menu.

green tea, fruits, and veggie snacks help keep you sane.

it can be expensive if you just try to red meat your way through each
day....even if you rotate chicken and fish, your grocery bill will likely
go up if you're overly reliant on animal proteins.

I know some people are not keen on them, but I like legumes mixed
in for slow carbs that don't put you in to a glycemic coma...good fiber

I do best when I allow myself to be less stirict from friday night to sunday
morning. after a while you won't want go crush a california burrito and
some coldstones...you just kind of lose the appetite for that shit after
a few weeks...but you can drink (beer even) on the weekends and have
a burger and fries and it won't fark with your levels.

I don't know if I could swing the intermittent fasting like ifallalot does...I
work from home and cook daily which makes bored/stress snacking a
bugaboo. I heard someone mentioning that they drink bone broth during
the day along with coffee and water and that doesn't bork the fasting
cycle. I definitely like fasted cardio/weights in the morning and afternoon;
the benefits are visible.


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