Carbs are by far the easiest nutrient to overeat. They are also difficult to portion and guesstimate their calories visually. If you replace that with vegetables, you can fill your plate liberally and get very full with a negligible amount of calories, while eliminating a large number of calories by not eating carbs. Proteins on the other hand are difficult to overeat and therefore self regulating, while fats are somewhere in between.

Keto forces you to give up chips, most fried food, sweets, etc along with requiring low alcohol intake. High calorie restaurant meals are also not an option. All of these have a huge impact on reducing calorie intake and water weight fluctuations, which is where the overall weight loss comes from.

I think there are lessons to be learned from this style of eating, but it is not a metabolic hack in and of itself. There are also some short sighted ideas like limiting legumes, which are very satiating and low calorie, and some flat out idiotic ideas like putting tablespoons of butter and coconut oil in your coffee as a weight loss strategy roflmao

In the end, thermodynamics wins every time. If keto helps you stay consistent, great, but realize it is merely a strategy for better compliance.

You forgot it was STOLEN?!