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That is funny how you dummy mischaracterize.

What are you so scared of accuracy?

How is this different than the last 12 shutdowns Auto?

It's part of a larger pattern of reckless behavior on trump's part.

You are creating too narrow of a frame.

Keep in mind that reckless behavior can lead to a good outcome in the short term but long term you are biasing your outcomes toward catastrophe.

All the other Generals said Custer was too rash, to which Custer said, hey, "it's working for me" and it was, until it wasn't.

Billy hates when I allude to Custer, but he's not in the politics game no more.

No, this is your confirmation bias at work.

Sadly, "shutdowns" are now a part of how government is ran. It is not different just because the Bad Orange Man is involved.

My entire existence is a failed gotcha