Here’s a highly annoying “I got sober” speech and you should too

Not sure what it was. I think the Kavanaugh thing

I was kind of like, WTF is the point of all of this?

It’s like people have gone collectively nuts

I found it entertaining for a while- way too long really

Then all of a sudden, it wasn’t

I liked how ridiculous trump was and how much he pissed people off

Then I was like, why does it matter that he’s pissing people off? Shouldn’t people ideally be not pissed off?

So I stopped reading about it. Stopped listening to NPR. I already didn’t watch TV

I also already didn’t talk to anyone about it outside of here

But oddly, when I started to stop caring, people started to want to have conversations with me about it

Like maybe I was putting out this aura of nonchalance

And I would just truthfully say, I have no idea

And everyone who I’d say this too would smile as if I’d said the exact right thing

But they’d still give me their opinion and I’d just say, that’s cool

And it is

It’s all fine

It’s sort of amazing how much people perceive this stuff to matter

It’s 99% noise

If you’re into it, that’s fine

But why are you into it?

Is it serving a purpose for you?

If it’s just entertainment, is the amount of energy you spend being entertained worth the payoff?

Do you find yourself preemptively categorizing people into people who would agree with you vs those who would not?

Is that a fair exchange for some entertainment?

Now I just stare out of windows

I’m thinking about acquiring a few turtleneck sweaters

I may take a mixed race mistress

I already have a twin fin, so I think this all fits