Got to thinking about surfing present.
Today it's after for all, I get it! Costco, SUP's and every fvcktard you
Can think of. It's natural progression. Well, I'm stuck in my old ways now that I'm
In my late fifties. I won't say where it was , but between Newport and Dana point habor I
Left a severe message to a couple of kooks. First of all, I might end up with a couple of black eyes and a bloody lip. No big deal, CVS pharmacy , Tylenol and ice packs and five days later I'm just fine. But said kook, could be putting two Costco boards and a $700.00 dollar custom
Board in the trash while I'm sipping Starbucks and nursing my wounds. Money talks, and MMA wanna be's walk. Everyone had lost faith in control of the line-up. I get it. But some of us old timers believe in teaching lessons. So we drop a little blood or get screamed at by all the wanna be Kelly Slaters. We laugh and just handle it. Till you have to move, park , paddle out or drive away. If you're a Fukking asshole???
You're going to be sent a productive notice of behavior. Behave , share and respect. Or you're checkbook is going to cost you. I know everyone here thinks those days are gone , but make no mistake, it is still carried on and by the people who truely love the ocean, love the surf and appreciate respect in the line up. If I go somewhere, and don't know anybody, my ass goes to to end of the line or the kiddie bowl. No being stupid . I'm just saying, today's times have changed, but when you're changing you're wetsuit off and the guy with the big Chevy Silverado just drove over both you're boards? Think twice before acting like some MMA wanna be asswipes in the line up again .

FVCK salt creek!!!

Getting old is not for wimps ~ O.T.