too much static are you doing to us GWS?

Has GG finally sunk in to you all?...designing a board with a complementary fin theory.

Going the Switzerland route not ruffle too many feathers...FCS and Futures..

Plus a nod to the Campbells with the use of the Bonzer fin.

Another nod to Jobsons Twinzer... Fish Tails...Bat Tails...skulls.

Channels..!!!!!!!!! please someone make the Hitler bunker meme parody with this board.

We have just crossed over into...The Twonzer Zone.

I Love it.....

And my claim to Twonzer Fame...I used to surf with Sean when we were maybe 13 yrs old or so in Surf Camp...:) He was better than us, he was the best at the camp, but we all used to charge for being that young and pushed each other. I still remember his William Dennis board. I was a better skater though smile fun memories and good years for waves.

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