Sean Hayes on a White Diamond 3 with channels and a Twonzer setup.




Kellen Ellison surfing a new model, the Roberts Bro-Fish Twonzer

I'm still trying to come to grips with PhotoBucket attempting to extort money from me for third party hosting, so please forgive. You can click on the PNGs of Kellen surfing and get them to display I believe. I'm running out of patience trying to get them to display above.

This "Twonzer" setup has been years in the making. Robert and I have talked about this dozens of times. Rob rode a Bonzered Dream Machine that was my personal and was intrigued. Finally, he went for it. It's part Twinzer, part Bonzer, and the rear fin placement is part Mckee quad. He made a couple of them and turned a few team guys loose on them and the feedback from both the riders and observers has been super positive. Super fast, positive and loose.

Now if I can just get my FCS Bonzer fins back...


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