Real problem is the war on drugs and the fallout wreaks havoc in black communities. Blacks use drugs at a much lower rate than whites yet the percentage of drug arrests and convictions is much higher. Black communities are sitting ducks. The criminal justice system seeks easy targets who don't know their rights and can't afford a lawyer. And a cycle is perpetuated.

You can't argue with the facts. The only thing that will solve this is an end to the war on drugs.

This isn't about racism. But damn the media likes to denote the race of the officers and the deceased within hours of the shooting. Stirring up hate makes more news stories, hopefully more violence, and maybe a race war for the chance of the story of the decade. And politicians will never waste a crisis. Fuckn sickos.

Q: Secret aspiration?
A: Buy Pezman's mag and turn it into a piece of crap.